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Pediatric dental care services are essential for several reasons, and they come with multiple benefits for children and parents. Dental care for kids introduces children to a healthier lifestyle and oral hygiene habits, starting at an early age.

Developing healthy habits early on sets children on a path they can follow for the rest of their lives. Pediatric dentistry differs from other dental care services because pediatric services are exclusively offered to young children. Pat Crawford DDS is a leading pediatric dentist in Kenosha, WI, offering dental care for kids, ranging from toddlers to elementary school children.

Introducing kids to dental care at a young age helps them feel more comfortable visiting the dentist. Even grown adults avoid visiting a dentist because they fear oral pain and discomfort, so it is common for children to experience anxiety about dental care appointments.

Pat Crawford DDS is a dentist near you for kids! Feeling comfortable and at ease in a dental office sets the tone for unconditioned responses in the future, meaning it is best to experience dentistry services during early youth.

Family Dentist vs. Pediatric Dentist: Who is the Best Kids Dentist Near Me?

A family dentist will treat patients varying in age, but a pediatric dentist exclusively caters to toddlers and young children. Pediatric dentistry services can pinpoint oral problems before severe damage occurs with preventative care and annual checkups.

Pat Crawford gladly helps patients understand the benefits pediatric dental care offers children and parents. Parents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they went the extra mile to ensure their children receive comprehensive dental care. Children will feel more relaxed about going to the dentist because they’ll have a generalized idea of what they should expect.

Pediatric dentistry services will pinpoint problem areas, such as cavities or overcrowded teeth. Dental care for children eliminates long-term health problems caused by undetected dental conditions like gum disease.

Parents can use pediatric dentistry to teach kids how crucial dental care is for maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. Dr. Crawford outperforms similar dental care facilities because of Dr. Crawford’s compassionate and understanding dental services approach.

Top Pediatric Dental Clinic Near Me

Dr. Crawford explains dental tools and procedures to kids in an engaging manner that eases their anxiety, making them feel safe. Kids will engage with Dr. Crawford’s friendly and reputable staff members to help put their minds at ease. Sedation dentistry is a popular pediatric dental service offered by Dr. Crawford that benefits children. Sedation dentistry involves various methods of putting patients to sleep during dental care procedures.

Dr. Crawford recommends sedation dentistry options to avoid causing young patients any trauma when treating children. Inhaled sedation dental practices are widely used by dental professionals who specialize in treating children. Inhaled sedation involves nitrous oxide, which is better known as laughing gas. Oral sedation also works well for children, as patients feel relaxed without feeling intoxicated.

Taking Dental Care to the Next Level

Dr. Pat Crawford continually strives to rank as the best pediatric dentist in Kenosha, WI, by going above and beyond to please patients. If you’re ready to elevate your dental care to the next level, you should consider dialing 262-694-5191 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pat Crawford! Your kids won’t endlessly fight when visiting the dentist if you choose Dr. Crawford’s pediatric dental services.

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