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Dentist visits do not have to be dreadful experiences. Like other health professionals, the best Kenosha dentists want to help you achieve the smile you want. Dental clinics in Kenosha, WI, often break up their work into stages, so patients do not have to sit for prolonged dental procedures. In addition, they provide pain relief to keep patients comfortable throughout dental procedures. However, many people are still unsure what to expect from dental providers in Kenosha.

Before the Appointment

Plan appropriately for your Kenosha dental clinics appointment. Consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist on your day off so you can focus on your treatment. When scheduling an appointment with your dentist, ask how long the procedure you intend to undergo takes to complete. Be prepared to be on the dentist’s chair for longer if you have not been to the dentist in a long time. In addition, ask your dentist to schedule your appointment at the end of the day so you can go home after treatment.

Arrive early on the appointment day to fill out the necessary paperwork.

A Routine Visit

Several things may happen during a routine visit. First, a dental hygienist will cover your chest with a piece of plastic or paper cloth. The hygienist may ask you to sit or lay down next to a table with a tray containing sterilized dental equipment.

The hygienist may use the tools on the tray to clean your teeth and remove tartar on your tooth’s surface. He may also clean the areas around your gum and floss your teeth. All these procedures will be done while you are awake. Therefore, be sure to tell the hygienist or dentist if you feel uncomfortable or in pain during the procedures. In addition, you have the freedom to take a break whenever you want.

Once the cleaning is done, the hygienist will rinse your mouth before calling in the dentist for a thorough exam. The dentist will check your teeth, including the gums and gaps on your dental makeup.

Non-Routine Visit

A non-routine visit often involves undergoing the same procedures as a routine visit, but with a few extras. You may require an x-ray to enable the dentist to examine your teeth, gums, and dental makeup. In addition, you may undergo a deep teeth-cleaning procedure with your hygienist. The longer you take between dentist visits, the more tartar builds up on your teeth and gums. If you have sensitive teeth, consider discussing numbing options with your dentist before any procedure.

Although deep cleaning may be uncomfortable, it helps to remove tartar and achieves a smooth feel on your teeth. In addition, deep cleaning helps to promote fresh breath. You should expect some bleeding during the deep cleaning. However, the pain or bleeding usually does not last for long.

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