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Dental Emergencies during the Corvid 19 Outbreak

Many people do not realize that dental problems can worsen quickly if left untreated. Therefore, it is essential to identify what qualifies as a dental emergency and what does not. Dental emergencies refer to oral health problems that could endanger your overall health. Some of the symptoms of dental emergencies include constant bleeding, broken teeth and jaws, and lost fillings.

Some dental emergencies may occur at any time. Although some dental problems are minor, significant dental problems require emergency dental assistance to resolve. However, be sure to understand what constitutes a dental emergency when looking for a dentist near me.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Various conditions may be classified as dental emergencies. For a condition to qualify as a dental emergency, it must negatively affect your overall health or quality of life. Consider seeking immediate medical assistance if you consider your condition a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies include all oral health conditions that cause facial bone trauma or excessive bleeding. If you have any condition that causes excessive bleeding in the mouth or trauma to your teeth or jawbones, visit a dental clinic immediately. There are two main categories of dental emergencies: urgent and emergency dental problems.

Although urgent dental problems require prompt medical care, they are less time-sensitive than emergency dental problems. On the other hand, emergency dental issues cause life-threatening problems. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Gum injuries
  • Abscess
  • Fractured jawlines
  • Lost filling
  • Dislodged teeth

Seek immediate dental care if you have any of these conditions. Consider looking for a dental professional who can identify the type of dental service you need. Visit an emergency dentist if you experience excessive pain accompanied by loose or falling teeth.

Dental emergencies may be treated in several ways. Some dental professionals may prescribe antibiotics, while others may recommend alternative treatments for dental emergencies. The type of dental emergency you experience determines the treatment your doctor may prescribe. Not all dental emergencies are life or death situations. Therefore, call a dentist near me to determine if your situation qualifies as a dental emergency.

Tooth Infections

Some tooth infections may qualify as dental emergencies. Your dentist should determine whether your tooth infection qualifies as a dental emergency. The most common treatment for tooth infections is antibiotic treatment.

Now that you understand what constitutes a dental emergency, you can assess your condition independently and determine whether you need to see a dentist immediately. The common feature of dental emergencies is they are life-threatening.

At Pat Crawford, DDS, we offer different types of dental care on a face-to-face basis. However, we prioritize emergency dental care and appointments because of the corvid 19 pandemic. Therefore, we have guidelines for patients to determine whether their conditions qualify as dental emergencies and what they can do next. Non-emergencies such as sensitive teeth, chipped tooth, orthodontic pain, and missing crowns can be treated at home or our usual dental practice.

We offer phone support for all kinds of dental problems. Please contact Pat Crawford, DDS, to experience a higher level of dental care. Book your appointment now: 262-694-5191

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