Emergency Dentist Kenosha Wi

When looking for an emergency dentist in Kenosha, WI, make sure you choose one you can trust. Although there are many dentists in the state, several factors make us the best Kenosha dentists.

Focus on Patient Care

Our staff are dedicated to providing high standards of patient care. In addition, we treat our patients like family. The staff at our dental clinics in Kenosha, WI, take a genuine interest in our patients’ welfare and strive to provide treatment options that meet their needs. We are not owned by corporations, which means our dental providers in Kenosha are not driven by profits. Our staff will not sell you dental treatments you do not need. Instead, we will provide personalized treatment that meets your unique needs.

Equipped with the Latest Technology

Like many professions, dentistry keeps evolving. To keep abreast of dentistry changes, the staff in our Kenosha dental clinics undergo continuous training and refresher programs. Our clinic is also equipped with the latest dental care equipment. Ours is a state of the art dental treatment facility.

We invest in our staff and facility because we want our patients’ trust and confidence. Everything inside our facilities, including our staff and office, is designed to offer patients the highest emergency dental care level.


When looking for an emergency dentist, consider choosing one with extensive experience treating a wide range of dental problems. The right fit for you is a dental professional who makes you feel comfortable and confident that your problem will be resolved.

Comfort is Key

Dental problems can be extremely painful and are often associated with lots of discomfort. In such cases, you want an emergency dental clinic that makes you feel comfortable instead of worsening your pain. Our dental clinic has warm and friendly staff who listen to patient problems and provide solutions quickly. In addition, our payment plans are flexible to allow patients to access quality emergency dental care at affordable rates. You can visit our dental clinic at any time of day or night. In addition, our appointments are flexible to accommodate patients’ schedules.

Same-Day Emergency

You do not have to wait to receive the care you need when you have a dental emergency. The best dental practitioners in Kenosha WI offer same-day emergency dental services, which allows you to be seen as soon as possible whenever you have a dental emergency. Our patients are happy to know that our staff is always here to help when they are in pain.

At Pat Crawford DDS, our patients are our number one priority. We understand the pain that comes with a toothache, and we will do everything we can to provide relief quickly. On the same breath, we prioritize same-day emergency visits to relieve patients from the discomfort of their dental problems. You can call visit or call us any time, and we will make a point of seeing you the same day.

Pat Crawford provides 5-star emergency dental care. Please contact us at 262-694-5191 to book your appointment and experience a higher level of dental care.

Emergency Dentist Kenosha Wi

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