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With regular visits to a dentist, it helps ensure your teeth and mouth remain healthy. To know that you are getting the best care possible, it is vital that you find a dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that you can trust. Having a team that you feel comfortable with that offers a wide variety of services is a great way to get started on your path to healthy teeth and gums. Here at Pat Crawford, DDS, we want you to know some of the more common questions that we get from new patients.

When searching for the best Kenosha dentists, these are some frequently asked questions you may want to keep in mind:

Q: How often should I visit a dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

A: It is recommended that patients come in for regular cleanings and checkups every six months. This depends on your current oral/dental health. With a routine visit, you have a chance to ensure your mouth is healthy so you can maintain a great smile. Our exams and cleanings help prevent infection, tooth decay, pain, tooth loss, and much more.

Q: What can I expect when visiting Kenosha dental clinics?

A: Your appointment will include a comprehensive dental exam and a cleaning. Other facets of the exam will include x-rays to check for bone loss, decay, cysts, and tumors, as well as the position of your teeth and roots below. All surface areas of the teeth get checked for decay, and current crowns or fillings are closely examined. For the cleaning portion, plaque and calculus get removed carefully with special tools to help keep the teeth and gums healthy and free of dangerous bacteria. Everything is finished with tooth polishing to remove additional plaque and stains that may not have been removed with the cleaning’s initial portion.

Q: Can I see dental providers in Kenosha for emergency dentistry?

A: We offer emergency services whenever you have severe pain or trauma to your teeth or mouth. Call us right away to have the best dental practitioners in Kenosha, WI, take a look at issues like:

  • Cracked tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Swollen jaw
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose fillings and more

Q: Can I see dental clinics in Kenosha, WI, for sedation dentistry?

A: Some patients have a fear of dental services, which is why we offer a variety of options in sedation to give our patients added peace of mind. A few of the sedation dentistry options may include minimal or moderate sedation, deep sedation, or general anesthesia. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and work to find the best course of action to put your mind at ease.

If it is time for you to find a new dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we would love to talk with you about what sets our office apart from the rest. Contact Pat Crawford, DDS, to experience a higher level of dental care. Book your appointment for services or have a consultation by calling (262) 694-5191. We look forward to adding you to our family of patients!

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