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When looking for dentists near me, you probably want a professional you can trust. A dentist is a professional who should take care of your oral health problems. Therefore, this is someone you need to trust. Dentists have many years of professional training and knowledge. In addition, they work with a team of carefully chosen professionals who provide auxiliary services. Dentists provide a wide range of services, including preventive, reconstructive, and cosmetic dentistry services. Learn more about the standard terms dentists use before visiting one.


This refers to the pulp’s inflammation, the area between the tooth and the roots filled with nerve tissues. An abscess refers to an inflamed dead pulp. In many cases, the abscess causes the mouth to feel achy due to swollen gums and pain while chewing. Consider seeing an endodontist to treat an abscess.

Acidic Foods

As the name suggests, acidic foods and drinks contain high levels of acids capable of wearing down teeth and causing discoloring, decay, and sensitivity. Dentists usually advise patients to avoid taking excessive amounts of acidic foods such as wine, lemons, candy, and coffee.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This is tooth decay that occurs in infants and toddlers. Another term for baby bottle tooth decay is childhood caries or cavities. Liquids such as breast milk and formula staying in the child’s mouth for prolonged periods can cause this condition. Many children usually sleep with baby bottles containing milk or formula in their mouths. These liquids promote the development of dental caries. The best way to prevent childhood cavities is by cleaning and massaging your baby’s gums at least once per day.

Baby Teeth

Baby teeth promote your child’s health and development. Most children have full sets of about 20 teeth by three. Consider taking your child to the dentist as soon as they develop their first set of teeth, usually before their first birthday.


Dentists use this term to describe cavities. Caries destroy the tooth’s outer layer of enamel. Left untreated, dental caries could lead to more serious oral health problems.

Cavities or caries are preventable conditions that occur when bacteria on the enamel convert sugars into acid. The acid can cause the hard outer layer of the teeth, and the layers underneath, to break down.

Crown and Dentures

These are tooth-shaped covers used as alternatives for broken or knocked-out teeth. A crown or cap replaces a lost portion of a tooth. On the other hand, a denture is a removable set of teeth used to replace teeth that have been knocked out altogether. Dentures make it easier for a person to speak and eat.

A common type of denture repair is relining. Dentures are unique to a patient’s gums. However, the gums’ tissue structure usually changes with time, making the dentures loose. Relining keeps the dentures secure inside the mouth.

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