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When can I schedule an appointment for dental care?

You can schedule an appointment any time of the day or night. We are always open to handle routine checkups and emergency dental services. However, be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please carry the following with you to your appointment:

  • Health history form, if available
  • Dental insurance card if applicable
  • Your ID

Do I need regular dental checkups?

Yes, you do. Many people avoid routine dental checkups and visit their dentists only when they have a problem. This form of treatment, known as crisis treatment, is not recommended. It is essential to seek preventive treatment from the best Kenosha dentists to catch some oral health complications early.

Although you may feel like avoiding regular visits to dental clinics in Kenosha, WI saves you money; it may cost you much more with time. Many dental complications do not have symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. Complications such as tooth decay may not produce any symptoms until it reaches the nerves. Some patients have sizable cavities but do not feel any pain or symptoms. Dental providers in Kenosha can provide early detection of oral health complications, which can help you avoid costly treatments in the future.

Should I see a dentist even when my teeth feel fine?

Although your teeth may feel fine, it is advisable to visit Kenosha dental clinics regularly because you may have oral health problems without your knowledge. Many people are conscious about the appearance of their smiles. One of the benefits of routine dental care is it keeps your smile looking healthy and beautiful. Advances in dentistry mean you do not have to keep up with broken, chipped, or stained teeth. At Pat Crawford, DDS, we have the best dental practitioners in Kenosha, WI, offering a wide range of dental treatment options to help you smile with confidence.

What should I consider when choosing a dentist?

Choose a dentist who makes you and your family feel comfortable. Some of the features of an excellent dentist clinic include:

  • Comfortable environment
  • Convenient appointments
  • Excellent record keeping of patients’ medical and dental health histories
  • Makes patients feel at ease by explaining oral health techniques
  • A member of the American Dental Association
  • Presents all information about costs before treatment

When should children start seeing a dentist?

Six months old and not later than a year old. Children start having their first teeth between six and 12 months. Schedule routine dental checkups for your child every six months.

When should I schedule my routine dental checkups?

All people above six months should have regular dental checkups at least once every six months. However, people prone to cancer and gum diseases should consider going for dental checkups more than twice per year. Your dentist should recommend the best schedule for routine dental care.

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